LIVE Sea Otter Cam

Want to watch cute sea otters romp, wrestle and play every day of the year? Tune into our LIVE Sea Otter Cam for your daily dose of sea otter cuteness.

Best Viewing Hours
All day. Every day. (Viewing Tip: Early morning is otterly pawesome!)

Where is the camera? 
Elkhorn Slough harbors the largest tract of tidal salt marsh in California outside of the San Francisco Bay.  It’s also home to the largest concentration of southern sea otters along the California coast. The slough and wetlands, adjacent to the Monterey Bay, provide critical habitat for hundreds of species, including sea otters, sea lions, harbor seals, great egrets and brown pelicans. At the mouth of the Elkhorn Slough sits the Moss Landing Harbor, which is where our camera is located. It’s a one of a kind spot where otters love to hang out together to play, groom, eat, and nap every day of the year. That’s right — 365 days a year of otter raft antics awesomeness!  All of this otterly adorable action takes place directly in front of our camera. and
Raising awareness for California’s threatened sea otters is something we’re really passionate about.  Our partnership with, the largest philanthropic live nature cam network on the planet, builds upon and extends our online reach helping us continue our education and outreach work to provide kids, parents, classrooms and otter lovers of all ages around the world an amazing front-row seat to watch and learn about this endearing and threatened species in their natural habitat.